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Printed Caps & Shirts

We specialize in Sublimination printing. Sublimination does not require the production of a screen so there is only a minimal set up fee. Ideal for doing small quantities of a design.


Summer and winter caps available in a wide range of color combinations.
You must stick to a light front color to subliminate. Sublimination printing does not work well on dark backgrounds.

Full color print - either of our creation or yours:
1 Cap = $7.00 (+ $10.00 set up fee)

12 Caps = $6.00 each (no set up fee)

A wide variety of shirts are available

Basic 50/50 shirts in basic light colors

Sizes: Kids - S,M,L Adult - S,M,L,XL

1 Shirt = $12.95 (+ $10.00 set up fee)

12 Shirts = $10.95 each (no set up fee)